By Nature’s Force: Veli Vetridamaakha Nagarkirathu’ – The solo Art Show of artist Vijay Pichumani about identity, tradition human experience within their community


Chennai, 2nd July 2024: Art Houz Gallery Chennai, has organized the solo show of artist Vijay Pichumani titled – ‘By Nature’s Force: Veli Vetridamaakha Nagarkirathu’ at Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre. The exhibition features a diverse collection of prints, woodcuts, mixed-media works and sculptures that unveils how the artist transformed his experiences into visual narratives. Chief Guests Shri K.S.V.V. Prasad, Commissioner of Customs (Import), Mr. Pa. Ranjith, eminent film director and Mr. Rayan Ibrahim, Principal Architect, Rayan Ibrahim Architects inaugurated the exhibition, with Dr. Ashrafi S. Bhagat, an art historian, critic and curator and, Mr. Joe Malloori, Actor, writer and poet serving as the Guests of Honour.
‘By Nature’s Force: Veli Vetridamakha Nagarkirathu’ invites viewers to delve into deeper meanings and connections about identity, tradition human experience within their community, while provoking contemplation on memory, movement and nature’s enduring influence.
For artist Vijay Pichumani, the force of Mother Nature is the critical element that echoes through his works. His knowledge, skill and talent make him a versatile artist through his unparalleled connection with man, humanity and nature. This could be attributed to his upbringing and childhood memories from a small village in Kanyakumari.
“My artistic journey is a reflection of who I am. It is a search for meaning and purpose, a quest to find the light that illuminates the self, as I explore new ideas and experiment with different techniques. Through my art, I seek to also shed light on the beauty and complexity of life, inspiring others to find their own path and seek their own light.” Says Vijay Pichumani
Often termed autobiographical, Vijay’s works explore the world around us, with the artist using his experiences that have shaped him at every stage of his career. These experiences encompass the sights he saw, the sounds he heard, the people he met and the emotions he experienced over the trajectory of his travels. Like trees in the natural realm, the material wood plays a significant role in his art practice, evoking a tactile quality.

Each work of Vijay Pichumani is an anecdote of his experience with nature. This includes his observations, metaphors, and relativity of particular elements with people around him.  To make his work more effective in conveying his experiences, he often sought to connect the concept with the medium and technique. Through this, he reveals to the audience the adventures that define him as a person.