Anweshipin Kandethum; Mystery Unraveled


A well-crafted narrative unravels a gripping mystery, ensuring that every scene contributes to the overall sense of intrigue and anticipation.

The film captures the essence of the 90s, a time without mobile phones, relying on radio and newspapers for news. With limited television access in just a couple of homes, the two murders that occurred during that period are effectively presented to the audience. The film also delves into the styles of vehicles and fashion of that time, encapsulating nature and providing a nostalgic experience.

Also, the film is made in such a way that the audience will not get bored even for a single moment. The performances of each actor, camera, music, editing, art and costumes are very excellent. How beautifully the eighties and nineties are recreated. That color grading is cool and gives a classic feel. This is the first time to see a Malayalam movie in vintage color tone. May there be more experiments in our industry.

Anweshipin kandethum is a must watch film. Those who like slow burn thrillers will definitely enjoy this movie. Even those who don’t will like it. Because this film is rich in contrast. Look at that color tone itself, it’s extraordinary on an artistic level. And since it is a periodical drama, it has done hundred percent justice to the period.