Timely Rescue by the NDRF During the Michuang Cyclone and Joyous Arrival of a Baby Girl at Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road


Cyclone Michuang wreaked havoc across the city as it ran its course. However, a heartwarming tale has emerged amidst the chaos. Mrs Karpagam Kannan, a woman in her late stage of pregnancy residing at Kuberan Nagar, Madipakkam, found herself in the throes of labour, even as floodwater inundated her home and the surrounding area.
The National Disaster Rescue Force team, when informed about the situation, rushed to her rescue. Thanks to their relentless efforts of manoeuvering through the heavily flooded streets in a boat, they managed to reach her in time to check for her safety. The team wasted no time in rushing her to the nearest hospital, a journey that took 45 minutes by boat.
At the couple’s request, Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, sent an ambulance to pick up Mrs Karpagam, who was already consulting Dr Thendral, Clinical Lead and Senior Consultant, at Maa Kauvery. With prior knowledge of the patient’s history, it was easy for the team to provide her quick medical assistance.
Mrs Karpagam gave birth to a baby girl shortly afterwards, and the hospital is happy to announce that both the mother and the baby are hale and healthy. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the NDRF team, volunteers as well as the doctors, nurses, paramedics and support staff at the hospital, the lives of the mother and the baby were saved just in time.
“The dedication displayed by the NDRF rescue team and volunteers amidst the devastating cyclone is nothing short of heroic,” said Mr Kannan, the proud father of the baby girl, who is relieved and glad that everything worked out well. “We are indebted to everyone who ensured our safe passage to the hospital and the joyful news delivered to us after the excruciating hours of anxiety and uncertainty.”
Mrs Karpagam echoed her husband’s sentiments, saying, “I am deeply thankful to the brave people who did everything they could to ensure my safe delivery. We are also grateful to Dr Thendral and the staff at the hospital for the timely support and care they offered me and my precious baby.”
This uplifting story of rescue and good news in the middle of the fury of Cyclone Michuang serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and determination to overcome challenges. The team at Kauvery Hospital, Radial Road, is glad to have been able to assist in the safe delivery of Mrs Karpagam’s baby girl and wishes them good health and happiness. The staff at Kauvery Hospital has been working relentlessly to ensure the safety of many such patients during this difficult time, displaying resilience and delivering hope.
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