Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) Launches Tamil Nadu Chapter Office


Chennai, May 20, 2024 – The Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) proudly
announces the official launch of its Tamil Nadu Chapter office. The grand event took place at Radisson
Blu Hotel, GRT Chennai, marking a significant milestone in AACCI’s mission to foster robust trade and
investment relationships between Asian and African nations.
The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, prominent business leaders, and industry experts. The
newly elected Tamil Nadu Chapter President, Ms. Jani Jermans, hosted the evening, which was filled
with insightful speeches and a formal inauguration ceremony.
Dr. GD Singh, the Founder & Chairman of AACCI, emphasized the critical role of the Tamil Nadu
Chapter in enhancing bilateral trade and economic cooperation. “Tamil Nadu, with its strategic location
and vibrant economy, serves as a pivotal gateway for fostering trade between Asia and Africa. Our new
chapter here will harness the region’s potential, bridging gaps and building sustainable economic
partnerships,” he stated. Dr. Singh also highlighted the chamber’s vision of creating a dynamic platform
for business leaders to collaborate and innovate, driving economic growth across both continents.
Mr. MJ Puri, Director General of AACCI, in his speech, mentioned the significant role of the great Chola
dynasty, which ruled southern India and initiated trade, business, and naval warfare in Southeast Asia as
early as 300 BC, continuing for almost 1500 years. He emphasized the importance of Tamil Nadu as a
crucial hub for trade in South India.
Ms. Jani Jermans expressed her enthusiasm and commitment to driving the chapter’s initiatives forward.
“Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem where businesses from Tamil Nadu and nearby states can
seamlessly connect with counterparts in Africa, exploring new markets and opportunities. As a chapter,
we already have members from across India as well as outside the country, and we aim to facilitate
knowledge exchange, joint ventures, and strategic alliances that will benefit both regions,” she said in her
The launch event featured several distinguished Guests of Honour, including Prof. Ranganathan J,
Honorary Consul of Myanmar; IK. Jayanthi Lal, Trade Commissioner, India Pacific Island Trade Council
– Papua New Guinea; Mr. Shivkumar Eashwaran, Honorary Consul General of Armenia; Mr. Sesha Sai,
Consul General for Seychelles; Major Gen. M. Indrabalan; Capt. Vivek Shanbhag; Mr. Sachit Sahoonja,
CEO of Sunav Group; and Mr. Chandrashekar, Advisor at Hand in Hand. They all underscored the
importance of the AACCI’s efforts in promoting mutual growth and development.
The Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) is the fastest growing international
commerce chamber, committed to promoting trade and investment between Asia and Africa. Through its
network of chapters and partners, AACCI provides a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and
grow, fostering economic development and prosperity across both regions.
The evening also saw the unveiling of the chapter’s strategic roadmap, outlining key focus areas such as
trade facilitation, investment promotion, and capacity building. AACCI Tamil Nadu plans to host a series
of workshops, trade missions, and networking events aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of
market dynamics and regulatory environments in both regions.
The event concluded with a networking hi-tea, providing attendees with the opportunity to forge new
connections and explore potential collaborations. Business leaders and delegates expressed optimism
about the future prospects that the Tamil Nadu Chapter of AACCI would bring.
The launch of the Tamil Nadu Chapter marks a significant expansion of AACCI’s footprint in India,
reinforcing its commitment to facilitating international trade and investment. With a dedicated office in
Tamil Nadu, AACCI is poised to drive economic integration, innovation, and sustainable growth,
benefiting businesses and communities across both continents