Geetham Veg launches its 12th branch in Mount Road Chennai


Geetham Veg, take great pride in our Indian roots, offering a wide range of authentic Indian dishes which are consistent in taste and quality across all our restaurants. Our commitment to preserving traditional indian cuisine is evident in our use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and time-honoured cooking methods.

Having over a decade of experience in the culinary and hospitality industry, our success is solely credited to our partners who have dedicated themselves to Geetham with a vision to showcase the excellence of Indian cuisine to a global audience.

As a Chennai based brand, Geetham Veg has been well renowned for its high-quality, pure, and authentic vegetarian South Indian dishes. Now, we offer a diverse range of dishes from other regions of India and beyond, like Indo-Chinese, Chaat, North Indian delicacies and

Turkish Sweets.

In addition to restaurants, Geetham Veg has a dedicated sweet and savouries factory in Chennal, which produces high-quality products that are sold exclusively at our sweets and savourles stalls in each of our restaurants. We also offer convenient home delivery services, outdoor catering services, bespoke party orders and expertly hosted buffet events ensuring a satisfying and memorable experience. Additionally, our proficient call centre team provides timely, attentive customer service to address any inquiries or feedback, making sure that customer’s needs are met and surpassed, with the promise of delivering exceptional service and delicious food every single time.

Overall, Geetham Veg is known for its commitment to excellence, authenticity, and dedication to providing a sophisticated dining experience.