GT Bharathi Pvt. Ltd. Announces Rs. 350 Crores Investment in Senior Housing and Assisted Living Sector through its Brand ELEMENTS


Chennai, 21st March 2024: GT Bharathi Urban Developers Pvt. Ltd. (GTB), a collaborative venture between the esteemed GT Group and Bharathi Homes, is proud to announce a significant investment of approximately Rs. 350 Crores into the senior housing and assisted living sector under their brand ELEMENTS Senior Living. This investment will be made over the next 2 years in an agreed utility and schedule. The investment will primarily focus on developing senior housing and assisted living facilities in Chennai currently, and other major retirement destinations across India in the near future. Over the next three years, GTB aims to establish at least 20 retirement communities and assisted living facilities, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of seniors nationwide.

GTB brings to the table wealth of experience in developing and operating retirement communities, making it uniquely positioned to excel in this sector. Leveraging this expertise of GTB, ELEMENTS aims to set new standards for senior living in India by offering innovative, purpose-built communities that prioritize comfort, safety, and a vibrant lifestyle for residents.

“We are thrilled to announce this significant investment in the senior housing and assisted living sector,” said Ashwin Kumar Iyer, Director, ELEMENTS. “With the population of seniors in India growing rapidly, there is a pressing need for modern, well-designed communities that provide comprehensive care and a fulfilling lifestyle. GTB is committed to meeting this need by delivering world-class senior living options that prioritize dignity, independence, and quality of life.”

“ELEMENTS will revolutionize the way the industry looks towards Senior Living. It encompasses innovation, usage of technology including the adaptive uses of the Artificial Intelligence into continuous care and pre-emptive treatment for the seniors. ELEMENTS will be state of art both in terms of technical innovation and also in terms of construction. We are tying up international and nationally renowned organisations to dovetail these technologies” said Mr. Arun Bharathi, Managing Director of Bharathi Homes.

“The GT Group is fully committed to the growth of ELEMENTS and Senior Living Sector. We look at the Senior Living Sector as one of the fastest growing in the country. As we anticipate, we should be having several public companies in this sector actively traded in the market in another decade.”, Says Mr. Bharat Kanti Doshi, Managing Director of the GT Group.

About GT Group: GT Group, established in 1967 is a colossal conglomerate based on out of Chennai that has a business legacy of over 57 years. Besides trading, GT Group is an established name in housing, industrial warehousing and infrastructure.

About Bharathi Homes: Bharathi Homes has been a high-quality developer of residences in Chennai since 2008. Over the years, they have developed numerous residences across the city. The company has an excellent track record of ethics, integrity and always living up to their word. Bharathi Homes are as easy on the eye as they are on the pocket.