ntroducing NOVA: World’s First Carbon-Neutral Baby Aadavi, Child Ambassador of Green Mission Tamilnadu & Awardee of Asia Book of Records

  In a groundbreaking event that captured the world ‘s attention, NOVA, the world’s first carbon-neutral baby, was introduced to the global community by Seerakku. Born on March 3, 2023, in Tamil Nadu, India, NOVA, also known as D.J. Aadavi, has achieved a historic milestone by becoming carbon neutral at just 11 months and 16 days old.
The event, held at the prestigious Bungalow8 Hotel & Resort in Korattur, Chennai, marked a significant moment in environmental advocacy and sustainability. Distinguished guests, environmentalists, policymakers, and community leaders gathered to celebrate NOVA’s remarkable achievement and its implications for the future of environmental stewardship.
Under the NOVA initiative, led by proud parents Dinesh Kshatriyan and Janaganandhini D, founders of Seerakku, NOVA’s carbon neutrality was made possible through the planting of a food forest comprising six thousand trees, shrubs, and plants in Sivalingapuram village, Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu. This initiative not only mitigates NOVA’s carbon footprint but also serves as a model for sustainable living and environmental conservation.
During the event, NOVA was presented with the prestigious Asia Book of Record for her extraordinary achievement by A.S. Kumari, Chairperson of the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women. Mr. Deepak Srivastava IFS, Chief Mission Director of Green Mission Tamilnadu, officially announced Aadavi as the Child ambassador of Green Mission Tamilnadu, commended NOVA’s accomplishment, and emphasized the importance of collective action in addressing climate change.
The event also featured insightful discussions on environmental sustainability, carbon neutrality, and the role of individuals and organizations in creating a more resilient and sustainable future for all. Partnerships with the Sustainable Development Council, Beyond Sustainability, Kauvery Hospital, and Green Tamilnadu Mission underscored the collaborative efforts driving the NOVA initiative forward.
As NOVA continues to inspire communities worldwide, her legacy serves as a reminder of the transformative power of individual action in combating climate change and safeguarding our planet for future generations.