A.M. Jain College Hosts National Science Day Celebrations 2024: Showcasing Student Innovations


Chennai, February 28, 2024: A.M. Jain College, a leading institution in Chennai dedicated to academic excellence, hosts the National Science Day Celebrations 2024 on February 28th. Dr. V.G. Vaidyanathan, an esteemed Principal Scientist at CSIR-CLRI, graces the occasion as the Chief Guest, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advanced materials research.. The event witnessed an impressive number of 40 participation showcasing the widespread enthusiasm and support for scientific inquiry within the A.M. Jain College community.
The event showcases the remarkable achievements of college students in the fields of physics and electronics, featuring 65 innovative projects like the Laser security alarm, Ultrasonic glasses for visually challenged individuals, infinity mirror, V6 engine using neodymium magnets, Voice controlled wheel chair, IoT-based technologies etc. These projects promise to redefine the boundaries of scientific exploration.
Dr. V.G. Vaidyanathan, Principal Scientist at CSIR-CLRI, said, “The National Science Day Celebrations at A.M. Jain College provide a platform for showcasing the immense potential and innovative spirit of young minds in the fields of physics and electronics. It is heartening to witness the dedication and creativity displayed by the students through their projects, reflecting a promising future for scientific exploration and advancements. I am truly impressed by the enthusiasm within the A.M. Jain College community and believe that these endeavors will contribute significantly to the ever-evolving landscape of advanced materials research and technology.”
Dr. M. M. Ramya, Dean of A.M. Jain College, stated, “The National Science Day Celebrations 2024 reflect A.M. Jain College’s commitment to fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation among our students. We are immensely proud of the creativity and dedication demonstrated by our young scientists and we believe that their projects have the potential to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. This celebration not only showcases the remarkable achievements of our students but also serve as a testament to A.M. Jain College’s unwavering dedication to excellence in education and research.”
Celebrating the National Science Day signifies A.M. Jain College’s deep commitment to fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation. It is an opportunity to showcase the remarkable achievements of college students, inspiring curiosity and passion for science among future generations.
About A.M. Jain College:
A.M. Jain College was established in 1952 by Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia through t`he Sri. S. S. Jain Educational Society. The College which started as a college for men was upgraded into a Co-educational institution in 2003. Today it is a frontline top ranking offering 30 undergraduate and 8 postgraduate programmes, with a student strength of 9000+. The institution possesses a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. With its high-quality instruction, A.M. Jain has been motivating and shaping students into morally strong, intellectual citizens.